Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends in China For 2014

It’s an economy that has had the world in grips. Almost reading off as a fast action novel, China as risen to the ranks of one of the most leading economies in Asia (albeit with its own set of problems). The economic rise is not unique to China as it competes with India on the race; the story, however, makes for a compelling narrative. While China is already important on the global scheme of things and international trade, the scene Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Creation and Promotion

Infographics—in their nicely wrapped up presentation of worthwhile information—are the most linked to pieces of content. They can spread a message to people who want to read with pictures, they shine the brand who creates it in a light of authority and they provide some very juicy link backs. While I will start with the basics for those of you who are new to using infographics as a marketing tool, in this post I am going to focus on is Continue Reading →

4 Recent Google Updates To Consider for Your SEO Efforts

SEO is in a constant flux. It changes before you publish a post, if you will. Yet, as marketers, SEO holds tremendous value as long as you put in the effort, pay heed to best practices, do what it takes to work on your content, SEO optimization, and inbound links. Google, however, insists on making the Internet a better place. Thin content is frowned upon while the only kind of content that works – whether you choose to focus on Continue Reading →