Local SEO

Think Global. But, don’t forget local. Yes, customers are increasingly looking for local businesses by conducting local searches. Say your business is offering web design services and wants to target a particular location. Wouldn’t it be great if the first link that your target customers see while searching for web design services in that area, is a link to your website. This is why your business needs local SEO and this is what we excel at.

Our local SEO expertise includes:

  • Keyword research for local SEO
  • On page optimization
  • Citation building
  • Setting up, claiming, and leveraging local profiles on Google+ and other local business directories
  • Off page optimization for local SEO

…And more!

Even the biggest brands are realizing the importance of geo-targeting customers. So, there is very little reason for your brand to not do the same. We conceptualize, develop and implement enduring local SEO strategies that provide clients’ businesses with the much needed impetus to perform locally.

Local SEO makes terrific business sense. It gives you an opportunity to localize your online marketing efforts and make your business visible to a target audience who is most likely to convert into your customers. So don’t miss this opportunity. Contact us for your local SEO needs now!